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A  Blind  Walk  Through  Uncertain And  Unexplored  Territories
As part of Jung Soo Cho's exhibition
"Berlin Winter"

  • PROJECT TYPE: Headphones and video Installation 

  • OTHER ARTISTS: Jung Soo Cho (Video art)

  • DATE: September 2022

  • LOCATION: Seoul - @ Oksangfactory for "Patch & Stitch" 

  • ROLE: Composer

Pesole and Jung-soo shared ideas for this exhibition. Pesole designed the sound by capturing the loneliness of being a stranger in an unfamiliar place and the melancholy that cannot be turned away from the work "Berlin Winter". For the artist who has left for an unknown place called Berlin, everything is uncertain and unknown. However, with an emphasis on ambivalence, opposing emotions of loneliness and curiosity about a new realm exist at the same time. Pesole induces familiar and unfamiliar auditory effects through the use of specific sounds that are abstract and evoking the surroundings of the city during the dark Berlin winter.

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