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Stray   Blade 

  • PROJECT TYPE: Videogame (PC, PS5, XBOX Series X/S)

  • DATE: 2021 - 2023

  • LOCATION: Remote

  • ROLE: Sound Designer

Sound design - Creatures: vocalizations, attacks, foleys, footsteps, spells.

Bosses: I took part to actor casting and voice recording sessions, voice fx design, foley, footsteps, attacks, spells.

Environment: indoor and outdoor ambisonic soundscapes using IEM plugin in reaper.

Main character and cinematics: additional sound design.

Tech systems - Implemented using Wwise RTPC driven by UE4 data, switch and state systems. Creatures idle system based on distance, foley system based on bone speed acceleration, altimeter to control wind intensity based on the height of the character on the map, raycast system to control outdoor reverbs and env sound based on the width of the space, special ability creative systems.

Spatial audio - I used portals and spatial audio volume to recreate reverb propagation, diffraction and transmission from different rooms and complex indoor spaces such as caves.

Dynamic mix and optimization - Systems to load and unload soundbanks, to discharge voices on distance and volume threshold, dynamic ducking and side chain systems in Wwise, optimization for different platforms (PS5, Xbox X|S, PC) using different audio codecs, conversion settings, prioritization systems.

Music - Interactive music system supervisor, cinematic additional music and credits music.

Management - Pitching and creating presentation for the team and other departments, team coordination, naming convention, GAD document.

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